006: Don’t Be Afraid to Shoot Your Shot with Brian Kidd


Brian ‘Mix Engineer’ Kidd is — well — a Mix Engineer. After hearing about Little Brother online, he decided to move from Hampton, VA to the Raleigh, NC area so he could be a part of the action. His dream got even closer to reality when rapper K-Hill took him under his wing and helped him get started as a mix engineer. Since then, Brian has worked with artists like Chase N. Cashe, K-Hill, Jered Sanders and Pat Junior. Check out this interview where Brian and I talk about how to become a mix engineer, tips for success and more!


This interview covers:

  • How Brian got started
  • How Brian connected with rapper K-Hill, Chase N. Cashe and others
  • Why it is important to hire a Mix Engineer
  • His approach to Mixing & Mastering
  • The Top 5 Plugins for Mixing & Mastering
  • and much, much more…

Check out Episode 6 of the Music Business Dreams podcast with Brian Kidd below:

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