007: How to Rock Your E-mail List with Cheryl B. Engelhardt


Want to learn how to rock your email list? If so, this is the episode for you. This week, we spoke to Cheryl B. Engelhardt, a full time musician and artist coach based in New York City. Cheryl has a ton of experience in the music industry. From touring internationally, crafting music and jingles for ad agencies, to licensing her own original music for television and film, Cheryl has seen it all.

What’s perhaps the most impressive feat is Cheryl’s mastery of E-mail Marketing as the primary driver of her career. Cheryl has been able to make over $40,000 from her e-mail list — all with less than 2,000 subscribers! In this interview, Cheryl talks about her background, how she got started in the business and, of course, her tips for building a successful e-mail list of your own.

This Interview Covers:

  • Cheryl’s First Job in the Music Industry
  • Tips for Finding Success in Music Licensing
  • The Key to Finding Balance as a Musician and Coach
  • How Cheryl Built Her E-mail List and Used it to Raise over $40,000
  • Best Practices for E-mail Marketing
  • and much more…

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