005: How Stlndrms Used Live Streaming to Level Up His Music Career


Chris Wilkes (aka STLNDRMS) has been making beats since the early 2000’s. Early in his career, he saw great success by building a name for himself in Japan. He scored a small record deal and even landed 2 video game soundtracks! However, his return to the states wasn’t as glorious as he may have hoped. The setbacks caused him to leave music alone professionally for nearly 5 years. Even still, he just couldn’t stay away from his MPC.

As a way to share his latest creations with his friends, Stlndrms (pronounced “stolen drums”) started a Facebook Live show called BEATS + CHILL. Soon, he was averaging over 50,000 views per month and 185,000 monthly listeners on the streaming platforms. He even got the cover of Spotify’s Lofi Hip Hop playlist! Stlndrms has used his platform to launch multiple income streams including digital products, live events and brand partnerships.


This interview covers:

  • How stlndrms got started
  • His livestreaming equipment setup
  • Livestreaming vs Native video content on social media
  • The benefits of consistently showing up online
  • How to balance family life with a music career
  • How to monetize your audience & the importance of multiple revenue streams
  • and much, much more…

Check out Episode 5 of the Music Business Dreams podcast with Stlndrms below:

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