How to Reward Your Fans for Christmas (and Every Day)

Christmas season is upon us! Now is the time to relax and exchange gifts with your friends and family. While you’re enjoying the festivities, don’t forget about your fans!

Your fans are the reason you get to live out your dreams as a musician. In the internet age, it’s very easy to see your fans as just a number, or maybe a stepping stone on your way to a greater level of success. Don’t make that mistake. Your fans are real people, and if you engage them properly, they’ll be loyal to you forever.

Here are a few ideas to help you give back to your fans this holiday season.

1. Follow them on Social Media – Have you seen the same few names popping up in your mentions over and over again? Those people are your die hard fans. Following them back is an easy way to say “I see you, and I appreciate you.” The small gesture goes a long way.

2. Send A Personal Greeting – Take our first suggestion a step further and thank your fans by name. If you’re following them, try offering your two-cents about a random post of theirs. Again, this helps your fan feel like they’re important to you.

3. Send Free VIP Content for the Holidays – Send an exclusive track or behind-the-scenes video to the people on your e-mail list. If you have the data, you could take this concept a step further and mail a postcard to your past customers!

Those were just a few ideas to help you take your fan engagement to the next level this Holiday Season. Taking the time to reward your fans for their loyalty can really go a long way. I hope this helps!