How to Find Peers to Help Your Music Career

The Music Industry is a tough field, filled with ups and downs. You’ll face rejection, unmet expectations, and times where you’ll question whether or not you’re doing the right thing. The feeling is even worse when your friends and family aren’t encouraging. This is why you need to find a group of peers to help you navigate things.

Having friends that are into music can stoke your creativity and help you grow faster. They can suggest new workflows, expose you to new ideas and sharpen your writing skills. Seeing your friends progression can help you deal with the fact that you may not be as far along as you want to be at a given time. Here are 4 ways you can find peers in the music industry.

  1. Online Forums – forums are a great way to meet new people in your field. Most people on forums like Gearslutz or have been there for years. They’re great for looking over your ideas or suggesting new instruments, pedals or even computer parts.
  2. Facebook Groups – a more modern version of online forums. What’s great about most Facebook groups is that they don’t allow self promotion, so you don’t have to dig through a bunch of spam posts to find valuable content.
  3. – If you want to take things to the next level and meet in person, MeetUp is the way to go. You can start a meetup of your own or check to see if there are any groups already meeting around Music Production. You just show up and join the conversation!
  4. Go Outside! – The best way to find peers is to simply be active in your local scene! You’ll meet other musicians who are actually taking their careers seriously, and you’ll also meet the local gatekeepers (DJ’s, Booking Agents, Radio Personalities) who have the power to help you gain notoriety in your hometown. No matter how well you’re doing online, there’s nothing like being a mainstay on the local scene.

Those were 4 ways you can find peers to help with your music career. Your music career journey will be one of a kind, but it’s important to have people you can relate to.