017: Passion, Pain and Persistence – A Conversation with pat junior

Imagine doing amazingly well at your job for months. Then one day, your boss calls you into the office and tells you that it will be your last day. The company had to move in another direction. Imagine that happening to you 3 more times in the next 5 years. That’s the push jump-started the full time career of today’s guest.

pat junior (stylized with no capitals intentionally) is a creative polymath, and a great person in general. Whether he’s writing raps, producing instrumentals or working on his latest venture, sound design; he’s always finding ways to push the envelope and leave the art in a better place.

pat and I spoke for over an hour about the challenges of full time artistry, the search for consistent income, the importance of branding and pursuing work you’re passionate about. This is one of my favorite interviews so far, and one I know will inspire you as well.

Listen to Episode 17: Passion, Pain & Persistence with pat junior

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