014: The Responsibility of Artist Management with Sam Fisher

Sam Fisher of Deep South Entertainment

Sam Fisher is an artist manager at Deep South Entertainment, where he represents a host of artists including rising star Branan Murphy. But that’s not where his story begins. Sam has been around the business since he was young, as his mother and father were both musicians. Even back then, he had dreams of rocking out on stage.

Sam finally got to see a that dream come true when he was tapped to be the front man for Weekend Excursion. With the band, he toured all across the country and sold over 30,000 albums independently. When the band’s run ended in 2007, Sam decided to try his hand in artist management. Because of his relentlessness and the passion he has for his clients, he’s been wildly successful. Combined, his artists have sold over 500,000 albums and have been streamed nearly 75 million times.

Today on Music Business Dreams, Sam recounts his experiences in the industry, gives advice to aspiring artist managers, and tells us what separates those who dream from those who actually do.

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