Why Consistency is the Key to a Successful Music Career


Consistency is More Than Just Showing Up

In the age of the influencer, there’s a phrase that we see all over the internet. “Content is king.” They tell you that the key to growth and success is putting out consistent content. Showing up every week with a new piece of content to quench the thirst of your fans and followers. This advice leads a lot of people to providing lackluster content, and ultimately, hurt their businesses even more because the content isn’t reliable.

Consistency isn’t just about showing up. It’s about how good your quality is when you show up. It’s not enough to deliver content every week, if the content isn’t always good. If you release a song every Friday, but only 1/2 of the songs are good, you’ll eventually lose listeners who are expecting great songs.

Don’t just show up often. Show up as often as you can while still delivering a great product. That way, you won’t feel burned out, and your fans will always have an experience they enjoy.

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