How To Promote Your Album After Its Release


Previously, we discussed the importance of using the power of marketing to ensure you have an audience for your music before it is released. But what’s the point of building all that excitement if you’re just going to disappear after the music becomes available? Now that we’re in the streaming era, there are new opportunities for people to discover your music every day. What you need to do is give them a reason to. Here are 5 ways you can stir up interest in your project after it is released.


You should have already given fans a taste of the project by releasing a single before your release; but some people may need more convincing. By releasing more singles, you get to show that your project has depth. Show off the range of your project by choosing singles with different musical styles and sonic influences.


Creating videos for your singles gives you even more of an opportunity to show off your creativity. When MTV switched to a mostly reality show format, many thought the era of the Music Video was over. However, artists like Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift are proving that a great visual can still make lots of noise. Show off your personality by crafting one-of-a-kind videos that bring viewers and fans into your world.


There’s no more effective way to engage your fan base than by performing live in front of them. Not only do your fans get to see you perform their favorite songs live, but they get a chance to bring their friends along for the ride. With a great live show, you can win over almost anyone. Your fans will spread the word via social media, and each tour date is a mini event that gives people a reason to talk about your music.


Touring and press go hand in hand. Book interviews with the local news outlets for each city you plan to perform in. Those papers have loyal followings, and if your story looks interesting enough, some of those readers will take a chance at seeing you live. Tip: If you’re planning to visit a large number of cities, it’s probably best to hire a publicist to help you round up press. That will make the process much easier for you.


Collaborations are a great way to find an audience outside of your own fans. We see it all the time among major players in the industry. Most recently, Bruno Mars reached out to Cardi B for an unlikely pair-up. Making music with someone with a different fan base is a great way to gain fans for BOTH of you.


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