How To Make Better Music In 2018

How To Make Better Music KDMR Music

When artists ask me how they can be successful in their music careers, the first thing I ask for is a link to their music. It’s necessary, because no music marketing or strategy tips will be helpful if your music isn’t good. Trying to sell music or build an audience before your music is ready can be dangerous, because for many, you’ll only get one chance to make them a fan. Here are some tips you can use to make better music this year.

1. Practice

Get in the habit of making something new every day. You don’t have to release it, but constantly working your creative muscles will make it easier for you to find inspiration, and also make you a more efficient songwriter. You don’t have to record in a fancy studio either. You can buy a USB Mic and record into your computer, or even just use voice notes on your smartphone. But whatever you do, make sure you create something. Every. single. day.

2. Collaborate

Find other artists and producers to work with. Whenever possible, work with them in person. Seeing someone else’s creative process will help you get out of ruts and show you new ways of doing things. As a bonus, you’ll probably get some great music from it too.

3. Study

Michael Jackson had an old quote that I love. “Study the greats, and become greater.” Listen to the songs and artists you love. See if you can break down the things that you love about it. Study other genres as well. If you’re willing to listen, you can find inspiration anywhere.


Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in any field. If you don’t feel your music is great yet, just keep working. Test out your music with your friends. Go to open mics and get feedback. If you continue to put in work, you will reap the reward and be great.