How To Survive if SoundCloud Shuts Down



Recently, there has been a lot of chatter about the future of SoundCloud. With supposedly 50 days of funding remaining, will artists lose all the progress they’ve made in their careers and have to start over? Well, not if they follow these simple steps.

  1. Make Your Music Available on Multiple Platforms – With just $29 per year, you can upload your music to DistroKid and distribute it to iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and more. This way, wherever your fans stream music, they can find yours easily. As a bonus, you’ll be paid a little every time your songs are streamed.
  2. Build Your Own Website and Host Your Music There – In 2017, EVERY artist needs to have a website. Your website should be seen as the home base for all your operations. You can host your music there for potential fans to discover, as well as sell albums and other merchandise all from one place.
  3. Build Your E-mail List – It seems like I bring up e-mail lists in every blog post, but they really are that important. Getting an e-mail address in exchange for music or updates from you is the first step toward building a long term relationship with an engaged, paying audience. When you have an e-mail list, you are putting more power into your hands and not just relying on the latest social media craze to help you reach your intended audience.