The Most Powerful Tool In An Indie Artist’s Arsenal

DIY Artists often find themselves searching for the next best thing. The latest plugins, DAWs and gear that will take their music careers to the next level. In that search, it can be easy to overlook the most powerful tool they already own — their smartphones.

In the last 10 years, the cell phone has transformed from communications device to delivering the entire internet ┬áto a device that fits in your pocket. And with hundreds of thousands of app developers creating content, you can do nearly anything you wish with just a few taps on a touch screen. Let’s take Jim for example:

Jim is the lead singer of “All Things Beautiful”, an indie-rock garage band. Because he’s the most tech savvy, he’s in charge of all the marketing for the band’s debut release. They’re just starting out, so they can’t afford to hire anyone else. Jim takes out his iPhone and gets to work. First, he uses the TAD app to create an album cover out of a photo his mom took on the iPhone. Then he uses Hootsuite to schedule Twitter posts to get his friends excited. His Facebook Pages app shows him just how many people interacted with the links he posted to Facebook, and even allows him to schedule some ads.

These are just a few of the many possibilities awaiting you. You don’t have to have a huge team behind you to be successful, as long as you know how to use what you already have.


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