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Since 2001, The Music Industry has been going through a ton of changes. We've seen Downloads kill CD Sales, Music Revenue Decline, and now the rise of Streaming Services and an infusion of new revenue into the business.

We've also seen a rise in the power of independent musicians. Artists like Chance The Rapper have proven that even without a label, you can still build your music career into a flourishing, successful enterprise. The magic key? Learning how to market and promote your music. For the first time in nearly 10 years, there's a new, comprehensive guide to getting your music out to more people and finally making your dreams come true.


The Music Marketing Guidebook is a new, step-by-step guide to marketing your music. We'll cover the basics of marketing, break down the music fan funnel, and explain how you can use both online and traditional marketing tactics to find more fans, make valuable industry connections, and finally make Music your full time career.

Things You'll Learn:

  • Using Online Data To Maximize Your Music Revenue
  • How to Find New Fans and Turn Them to Paying Customers
  • How To Get Press for Your Music
  • Using Social Media Effectively to Engage Your Fanbase
  • Getting More Fans Out to Your Shows
  • How To Sell More Merchandise

The Music Marketing Guidebook launches July 4th, 2018; with a ton of extras. Join the earlybird waitlist to be the first to get it! All earlybird subscribers will receive 20% off the list price!

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